Welcome Message

    Greetings to all! In Behalf of Barangay Council with our simple but prosperous Barangay. Barangay Munting Batangas.

In the pages of this website, we desire to show the important informations about our Barangay.The programs and the projects that has been done, currently doing and planning for the preferment of the economy status of the Barangay Citizens. We would be able to do this through the help of our leaders of the government especially to the diligent and benevolent City Mayor Hon. Jose Enriquez S. Garcia III, and with the Vice Mayor Noel Valdecañas and the City Councilors. Likewise, to the tireless help of Hon. Cong.Enrique T. Garcia Jr. and the City Government through the leadership of our beloved Hon. Gov. Albert S. Garcia.

We would like to invite you visit our Barangay anytime you want, to witness the simplicity, peaceful and lively regimen in our Barangay.
 We will be glad if you have any suggestions or comments for the greater degree of development of our Barangay.

Thank You very much!